My Story – Martin Hallett  

Martin Hallet, founder (in 1977) and director of the Christian ministry True Freedom Trust until his retirement in 2009, is a man that thousands of gay men & women will be eternally grateful for, myself included. For 32 years, and more, Martin provided an oasis, a safe place for LGBT people like myself who had nowhere else to go and nobody else to turn to. Martin understood what it is like to be gay & Christian at a time when society and the church were virulently hostile.

Like so many of us, Martin’s own faith was rooted in a traditional viewpoint that for the gay person a celibate life was the only appropriate way for a disciple of Christ. But it was not Martin’s conservative views that helped people so much; it was the fact that his huge heart of compassion, his gentle approach and his capacity to listen empathetically to others, created a safe place for people to find freedom from fear, recover a sense of dignity and self-respect, and continue on their own faith journey.

Since his retirement from TfT, Martin’s own spiritual journey has developed further, of course, because nobody walking with Christ stays in the same place, but goes on growing in understanding, discernment and wisdom.

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When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?

Roy Clements was born in 1946 and grew up in the East End of London. After gaining a 1st in Chemistry at Nottingham University, he completed a PhD in Chemical Physics at Imperial College London. Sensing a call to Christian ministry, he then worked for the University and Colleges Christian Fellowship (1971-74) before serving as assistant pastor of Nairobi Baptist Church in Kenya (1974-79). On returning to the UK, he became pastor of Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge, where he developed a highly successful ministry to students. Over a period of some twenty years, he gained an international reputation as an expository preacher and served on the boards of several leading evangelical institutions and conferences. In 1999, his homosexual orientation was reported in the press, a revelation that led to the end of his Christian ministry and the breakdown of his marriage. From 2000 until his retirement in 2016, he worked as a tutor in the Centre for Academic English at Imperial College London. He now lives with Chris, his civil partner, in Harrow-on-the-Hill and Brighton.

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